Aron Choi

High-Ticket Closer in Seattle, Washington

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Dr. Aron Choi is an expert in health transformation and is known as the Premier Health Transformation Advisor™️. He works alongside motivated, high-performance clients to create more time and energy so that they can pursue their ambitions and dreams with vigor.

Dr. Choi discovered that realization of one's physical, mental, and emotional potential begins with empowering thoughts and are solidified by transformative and immersive experiences, which led to the healing methodology of the "Transformative Health System."

He also helps impactful influencers, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs close more sales of their premium service offerings and products so they can focus on the highest and best use of their time. Known as The Preeminent High-Ticket Closer™️, he creates transformative closing experiences, typically closing the sale in one call.

Transformation into who you want to become can happen when the right person opens the right doors--one insight, one experience, or one conversation.

Dr. Choi's availability is extremely limited. And he is very selective of who he works with.

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